The duo

     Amélie Brière and Celian Davy began working as a hand to hand duo in 2016 at CADC Balthazar, a prepatory circus school in France.


    After graduating together from Balthazar, they were accepted into the DEC programme at L’École de Cirque de Québec from which they graduated in 2021 with a diploma in circus arts.

    Amélie and Célian enjoy the creation and exploration of new and interesting characters and believe in connecting with their audience through simple and honest emotion.

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Amelie Briere

   Playing sports since childhood, she experimented with many disciplines before starting circus in 2011 at amateur school of Pop Circus in Auch.


    In 2018, she obtained her certificate «Artiste de cirque et du movement» from the professional and preparatory training of CADC Balthazar. During this training she starts to work in duo hand to hand with her carrier Célian DAVY.


      In 2018, she moved to Quebec where she continued her professional training at the Quebec City circus school, graduating in June 2021 (flyer in hand to hand, German wheel second discipline).

Celian Davy

     From a very young age, he was on stage. After several attempts in theatre and dance, he quickly developed a passion for circus.


     In 2008 he enrolled in the amateur circus school Marcel Marceau in Le Mans (France). In 2014, he joined the professional and preparatory training programme of the Balthazar circus arts centre, where he obtained his certification as a circus and movement artist in 2017 in hand to hand with his flyer Amélie BRIERE.


     The following year he devoted himself to several projects and stages directing. In 2018, he moved to Quebec where he continued his professional training at the Quebec City circus school, graduating in June 2021.

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