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     The daily routine, the bottom of the factory, the cardboard box, the barrel. The moment when everything has become so bland that nothing remains. Where, day by day the same gestures occur, and nothing new embellishes the «daily routine.»

     Then, a piano. A note. A jump, a dance, a FALL. The shock of change. We realize that we seek each other, that we annoy each other. We throw ourselves at the other only to be caught and caught again until finally we find our balance. Without realizing it, we have brought newness and excitement into each others daily lives.

    We experienced freedom together, the freedom to live in the moment together. Our shared moment in space and time.



    en Corps

By Célian Davy and Amélie Brière

Artistic opinion - Céline Khandjan

General publicl

duration: 8min

Discipline: Hand to Hand

ensemble en corps.jpg